Friday, November 13, 2009

seattle condominium

i'm a huge fan of seattle. my favorite cousins live there, grey's anatomy is based there, and i really like seafood. combine my nostalgia with a fantastic seattle renovation and i'm in heaven! feast your eyes on shugart bates' condominium revival. originally a dated, 1980's flashback with small windows; the new space boasts a modern aesthetic with a reorganized floor plan focusing on the iconic views of the skyline, elliot bay, and mt. rainier. hello expansive glass facade!
shugart bates' interior design connects to the exterior environment throughout the unit. the blue and green glass mosaic tiles mimic the colors of the sky and the bay while the extensive woodworking reflects the forests of the northwest. i love seattle...

i would especially like to thank nancy pasco of shugart bates for taking the time to send me the goods for this before + after.

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