Wednesday, May 20, 2009

revived: key cabinet

i spent the weekend in brooklyn and was on a mission to find some serious raenovations. i searched flea markets and thrift shops and found zilch. i was about to give up hope and then i hit the mother-load. my best friend for life ferris and i were headed out for a late supper when we stumbled upon a lampshade and this key cabinet in the trash! she had a shadeless lamp at home that needed a shade with a story and i wasn't leaving brooklyn empty handed, it was fate. i love this key cabinet! i can't tell you how many letters and keys are just floating around my apartment searching for a home. i was up in the air about what color would be best for this transformation and then i saw the key lime paint and knew! and it was my first sale on etsy!

want to show off a before + after you've worked on? email me with photos and your story and i'd be happy to display your hard work on raenovate!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

revived: shelf

this was the kickoff/tester piece of 'raenovation', the guinea pig if you will. i found it on ebay. one might think it looks like an old shop project spray-painted yellow but i think it's a breathe of fresh air, a mix of old and new, classic yet spunky at the same time. and that's what 'raenovate' is all about. besides, where else would i display my vintage porcelain boxer?