Wednesday, September 30, 2009

redone: clocktower loft

when the max schmidt lithograph company took up shop in 1907 at the clocktower building in south of market, san franciso, i'll bet they had no idea that their workplace would be filled with stunning industrial lofts in a little more than one hundred years later.
axelrod design transformed this 1800 square foot loft, originally converted in the early 1990s, by introducing glossy concrete, acrylic, stainless steel, and plywood. the existing fourteen foot ceilings, concrete columns, mezzanine level, and steel frame windows complimented their vision to create an industrial loft with a modernist aesthetic. my favorite detail in the whole place is the niche axelrod created to display the homeowners miniature chair collection. i want a miniature chair collection with an axelrod niche to flaunt it!

i'd like to thank irit axelrod, principal of axelrod design, for sending me the bio and photos for this before + after. i'd also like to credit sharon risedorph for shooting their stunning afters.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

redone: san francisco kitchen

as i continue to blog and discover design firms and their projects i fall deeper in love with architecture and interior design. frankly, i'm surprised that as a high school student i had the wherewithal to decide to go to college, become an interior designer and immerse myself in a career that i love more and more every single day. it's projects like this san francisco victorian revival by schwartz and architecture that make me fall.
typical of many san francisco victorians, this home's enclosed porch had slowly but surely become part of the kitchen. when the homeowners realized that just wasn't going to cut it anymore, they enlisted the miracle workers at schwartz and architecture to transform the shoddy space into a light-filled, family friendly kitchen. the centerpiece of the redesigned space is a custom island/drop-leaf table that converts from a casual dining spot to a sizable surface area for craft projects, or seating for twelve. open shelving and a series of custom ledges display and store the young family's everyday dishes and beautiful homemade canned goods. the entire home screams modern, casual, hip, and happy family; the ultimate breath of fresh air.

i'd especially like to thank neal schwartz and wyatt arnold for sending me these before photos courtesy of schwartz and architecture. the amazing afters were shot by the talented matthew millman and the spot on construction performed by gillispie construction.

Monday, September 28, 2009

redone: feldman architecture's open box 2

feldman architecture has knocked my socks off with this before + after. seriously, i'm sockless in philadelphia. the original house, a boxy san francisco 1940s stucco structure, was filled with small, dark rooms, and a completely unfinished ground floor with little connection to the outdoors. that is, until the innovative feldman team stepped in. by working within the existing envelope and reconfiguring the floor plan they were able to greatly expand the living space. they knocked down walls to combine the kitchen, living, and dining room and transformed the unfinished ground floor into a bed, bath, and family room trio.
the home's connection to the outdoors is unreal. the carefully placed windows maximize sunlight, garden views, and privacy. large folding glass doors on the ground floor stack to one side, allowing the room to be completely open to the landscaped garden. also, a gigantic automated skylight hatch acts as a rooftop door that leads to a deck overlooking san francisco. and now you're sockless...

i'd like to give a big thank you to jonathan feldman + camille cladouhos at feldman architecture for taking the time to send me photos and stories about this fantastic renovation! i'd also like to credit paul dyer for shooting their stunning afters.

Friday, September 25, 2009

redone: south of market loft

happy friday! it's a beautiful early fall day, the air is warm and crisp at the same time, and niche interiors sent me a stunning before + after hot off the presses. i'm in love with this south of the market san francisco bedroom transformation! jennifer jones, principal at niche, is the master of combining vintage pieces with a modern aesthetic. i fancy everything in this design; the green lamp, the walnut bedside table, the bright bedding, and most of all, the dazzling wall covering! it's the true san francisco treat!

ps. the wallpaper is called little leaves by ferm living. for inspiration visit their amazing website.

news: the best things giveaway winner

and the winner is...entry number eight! lauren, the lucky commenter chose the freaking awesome mod candelabra. it will live on her dining room table and bring height to her dining room. thank you to all of the lovely entrants and most of all to the best things!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

redone: west lake hills residence

holy guacamole, today's after is a SHOWSTOPPER! conceived by the austin texas firm, cottam hargrave, this west lake hills residence was transformed from a 900 square foot home into a 3,700 square foot modern marvel. originally designed by fellow texan, architect heather mckinney, cottam hargrave used her 1980's structure as the perfect jumping off point. maintaining the integrity of heather's design was important to the architects at cottam hargrave, and they believed it was not only an asset to the owners, but also the community.
a new, two-level private wing was connected to the original one-level house by a clear public space with three sets of large ten-foot wide doors to accommodate both indoor and outdoor living. the private wing includes a large living/office area, two bedrooms, and three bathrooms. hello.
the neatest part of this whole project is that cottam hargrave did it all! their facility is a design and construction office and fabrication shop. brains and muscle, what more could you ask for in firm?

i'd especially like to thank jen at cottam hargrave for taking the time to send me the goods for this before + after. between this showstopper and 'the best things' giveaway i can hardly contain myself.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

revived: driftwood

i texted my dad this morning informing him of today's blog post because he will be all about it. as the owner of a lake home and reclaimed wood enthusiast he loves nothing more than salvaging a fallen cedar tree and shellacking it until it shines like the top of the chrysler building. his cedar tree projects include replacing a lolly column and creating a birdhouse stand., meet heather. the talent behind these superb driftwood creations and 'post road vintage' shopkeeper. she is the master of hunting down lakeside beauties and she recovered the materials for these pieces at lake superior. when she isn't scouring the beaches of lake superior, thrift stores, and yard sales, she is the busy mommy to three beautiful boys (with number four on the way). heather says, "with three rambunctious boys i tend to make more practical and sturdy items...but i'm in love with all things vintage, salvage, basically anything that might otherwise get 'junked'. i love making something from nothing. i truly believe 'less is more'. i'm happy when i'm surrounded by these simple nostalgic every day items that make me smile." thank you heather; you make me smile!

this week you not only have the chance to win your favorite item from 'the best things' right here on raenovate, but you can also enter to win heather's driftwood mason-jar wall vase on 'going home to roost'!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

redone: pacific heights home

i can't get enough of san francisco interior designers. i've featured LSarc, michael merrill, and now i'm happy to introduce valerie wills! the british-born interior designer manages valerie wills interiors, where she has perfected turning a house into a home.
a prime example of her stellar work is this pacific heights apartment. owned by a world traveler, lover of books, and collector of art. the place needed some major organizing and refining. fortunately val was up for the challenge! she created spaces that not only showcase her client's fine art and love of world travel, but also feel like home. the coffee table is from zanzibar, the rugs are from new zealand, and the dining area screams morocco, all while being completely functional. a home sweet home.

don't forget to enter 'the best things' giveaway! i wonder what val would choose?

Monday, September 21, 2009

news: the best things giveaway

i'm back! and although re-entry is tough, especially after the perfect week on cape cod, it's giveaway time and i'm raring to go!
so here's the skinny... raenovate has teamed up with the etsy shop 'the best things' and we're offering you the opportunity to win your favorite item in their entire store! simply visit their fabulous shop, choose your most desired item (reserved items are off-limits), and comment here on raenovate which item you'd love to win and where you would display it in your home. commenting is open until nine am friday morning when the winner will be chosen at random.

i choose the toile tin, i'd love for it to live on the ledge in my kitchen, boasting its beautiful colors!

Monday, September 14, 2009

design star: season finale

hgtv’s next design star is…antonio ballatore! in last night’s season finale episode challenge antonio and dan vickery each had the mammoth task of renovating separate homes in the same neighborhood including a living room, 2 bedrooms and a kitchen. with budgets of $50,000 and the assistance of entire construction crews they had 44 hours of work time over a 4 day period to complete the challenge. both homes required changing layouts to open up the spaces.

in dan’s design for the goldbergs, he created a pleasing palette of purples and lilacs with crystal, beveled mirrors and glass accents and fashioned some inventive space solutions. he offered this mom and daughter exactly what they wanted and they were elated with the outcome.

antonio’s design for the starr family included some eclectic, funky, cool splashes of color that the judge genevieve gorda deemed just shy of being offensive… which makes it work. candice olsen called it her favorite reveal ever. As an addition to the already daunting challenge, antonio took the slam dunk risk of including changes in the master bathroom.

the decision was close! antonio proved throughout the season to be a get it done guy, but as judge vern yip mentioned, dan had the single best design in the white room challenge in all 4 seasons of design star. personally my wish for a new show would be a collaboration between antonio, dan and nathan galui...but i'm just the guest blogger, rae’s mom!