Wednesday, February 3, 2010

a country farmhouse

i am beyond delighted with today’s post because it features the lovely trina burke and her country farmhouse! i found trina’s blog, a country farmhouse, months ago and have since become slightly obsessed with her writing, photography, and ability to transform.
trina and her husband purchased their dilapidated 1920’s oregon farmhouse based on its potential. over the years the building had gone through shifty remodels, stripping it of much of its farmhouse charm. fortunately they are dreamers and were able to see what the home could be (the property’s seven acres with views of the surrounding farmland and mt. adams as the backdrop didn’t hurt either). so they set a goal; restore the house to its original farmhouse roots, and build upon those roots with added architectural features such as a new wraparound porch, half story dormer, side ell, windows and doors.
through extensive research, past work experience, spot-on taste, and mister’s civil engineering background they not only reached their goal but they’ve blown it out of the water. the renovations and interiors are both period-appropriate and seamlessly styled. the original square footage of the house was around 1,200 square feet. after the attic renovation, new dining room and wraparound porch, they’ve increased the square footage to about 2,200 square feet. fall in love with the array of before + after photos i'm offering and then get lost in the delight of a country farmhouse.

i'd especially like to thank trina for providing me with a wealth of information and photos of her country farmhouse!


  1. love her house, too. I've enjoyed looking around your blog....awesome.

  2. Oh Joy, I love this look, beautiful, calm, and serene. Very well done and relaxing to look at the photos and dream...

  3. ......what a difference a dormer makes!!!!!

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