Wednesday, April 28, 2010

adams morgan living room

paul corrie, washington dc interior designer extraordinaire and master of the tone-on-tone palette, has created my dream living room. previously a mish mosh of a space, corrie reigned it all in to create a room that is inviting, comfortable, and reflective of the homeowner’s eclectic personality.
by specifying a soft, neutral color for the walls and a dazzling white for the window trim and crown molding, corrie has enhanced the architectural elements throughout. also by installing a dramatic lantern, linen and velvet upholstery, and a turkish oushak rug, corrie introduced the perfect blend of understated hues. the cherry on this living room sundae is the artwork collage. corrie collected the already framed pieces from various walls of the client’s home to fashion a combination that not only works together, but creates a domino-esqe focal point.

i would once again like to thank paul corrie of paul corrie interiors for submitting his sophisticated redesigns!


  1. I LOVE it! Love that couch and the gallery wall above it. The lantern is a great touch too. Wonderful. Trina

  2. I have to agree ......the cherry on this living room sundae IS the artwork collage!

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