Monday, April 26, 2010

greenwich village townhouse rehaul

i'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that every manhattanite dreams of residing in a spacious new york city townhouse. especially one like today's renovated greenwich village stunner. the rundown home was entirely rehauled by the amazing architectural firm, spg architects. due to the deteriorating structural condition of the residence an extensive demolition was necessary. beyond that the interior layout was majorly modified and modernized with the intention of re-orienting the space towards the rear garden. the exterior was spruced up as well, the front facade was restored in accordance with local landmark requirements while the back was built anew with glass, steel, and cement board infill panels. hello manhattanite dream home.

i would once again like to thank spg architects for sharing their amazing renovations on raenovate. principals caroline sidnam and eric gartner rock!


  1. Being a believer in paying homage to existing historical details (and appreciating them), I really feel like this wasn't a remodel as much as it was a total replacement - albeit with largely the same outside massing and foundation, but with no links to what was there before.

    When you're doing new construction, follow your dream and go as contemporary as you want. I just get a little sad when I see a nice old structure like that townhouse with some nice architectural details (original paneled door and transom, window, flooring and trim details in room w/fireplace) get wiped away in a modernist makeover.

  2. I agree with the previous post.

    If someone doesn't want to live in a historic home, well, then they shouldn't purchase a historic home. If someone wants to live like that, they should move to the burbs. Or into one of the nameless condos in Midtown. No need to dismember a historic home in Greenwich Village.

    Greenwich Village is one of the remaining architectural and historic treasures of New York City. The original panelling was worth saving. So were the original hardwood floors and the fireplace. Yes, a house like that needs a lot of work, remodeling and some of the old features may have to go. But in my opinion this house lost all it's charm.

    It's is just horrific...


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