Thursday, April 1, 2010

happy april fool's day

i’m a terrible liar. as a child i gave myself a haircut and tried to lie about it. it was clear that i no longer had bangs and even clearer when our next door neighbors found my hair in their sandbox. needless to say, april fool’s day is not my holiday. so rather than unsuccessfully punk y’all i’m simply going to mix it up in honor of this crazy day.
rather than show off before photos of today’s pre-war manhattan duplex redesigned by garrow kedigian we’re getting a behind the scenes look at his gorgeous sketches of the space during the design process. the elegant apartment was transformed into a sophisticated home for kedigian’s clients, an asian antiques dealer and publisher of a high-profile magazine. as shown in his beautifully depicted drawings and the after photos the residence combines eastern antiques with contemporary furniture and fabrics, thus creating a traditional home with modern accents.

i would especially like to thank garrow kedigian of garrow kedigian interior design for submitting his gorgeous drawings. i would also like to credit bruce buck for shooting the stunning after photos.


  1. you cut your hair and tried to bury it! you're nuts dog!

  2. no.......your dog's nuts!!!!! Hehe
    Happy April Fools Day!


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