Monday, April 19, 2010

molly frey design

if i could bottle up interior designer molly frey’s aesthetic, i would. her modern take on traditional design combines all things light, airy, new england, and refreshing. today’s feature is no exception. her recent marblehead, massachusetts beach house redesign is flawless. the coastal home received an entire overhaul. with an odd and dated layout frey not only rearranged and remodeled the interior, but she also redecorated. the transformed residence perfectly captures the essence of molly frey design, and acts as the quintessential summer home for its california owners.

i would especially like to thank miss molly frey of molly frey design for submitting her new england renovation.


  1. Wow, this transformation is stunning! It barley looks like the same home.
    The classic white kitchen is my favorite room!

  2. AMAZING.... how cool, calm and collected...... she seems to captures the warmth with her simplicity.

  3. Oh wow ~ what a transformation! I love all the whites and lights!

  4. the redo reminds me so much of a cape cod cottage... loving it!


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