Thursday, April 8, 2010

stript wax bar

we’ve all been there…feeling confined and vulnerable, paying a practical stranger to remove embarrassing hair from our body with hot wax. it is my experience that no matter what city i get waxed in the room is always very small, very ugly, and framed with makeshift walls. i have obviously not been to stript wax bar in san francisco. designed by claire campbell of mint home décor, stript is a salon solely devoted to delivering high class waxing services. using exemplary products, stript’s team of waxers perform everything from brow maintenance to vajacials in their comfortable, clean, and beautifully designed salon.
i hopped on yelp to see how the no longer hairy san francisco residents feel about stript and every rating donned five stars. my favorite reviewer, laura d., actually looks forward to visiting stript and describes her experience there as relaxing.

stript is located at 1764 union street in san francisco with additional locations in oakland and palo alto. i would especially like to thank miss claire campbell of mint home décor for submitting this hairless redesign. speaking of exemplary products, have you entered the slipcover your life’s stitchery giveaway yet? it’s the last full day to enter!


  1. Loouve it!! love waiting area flooring and also everything else :D, hmm wouldn't mind waiting in there no matter how painful the aftermath turns out :P hehe

  2. I need to go to SF...STAT

    how fabulous is the term vajacial! That needs to be added to the dictionary...

  3. There is big difference between after and before pics of these renovation. After pictures are looking great.


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