Friday, April 23, 2010


as an extreme before and after enthusiast, whenever i discover a new source of transformations i feel like a kid in a candy shop…pumped and on a sugar high. so when jean brownhill lauer, founder of swee10 emailed me i was elated. swee10 is an amazing brooklyn based website designed to connect homeowners and contractors. at swee10 owners are able to post planned renovations and have contractors bid on them, answers questions, and save everyone time and money! like yelp, but even more thorough, and geared toward home construction.
enter today’s redone space, the former maid’s quarters in jean’s brooklyn brownstone, and the project that triggered the creation of swee10. by removing the back closet and unused staircase and adding two windows and built-in bookcases, jean created a room that is large, bright, and full of character. the renovation only involved painstakingly working with six subcontractors! after construction wrapped, swee10 was born.

i would especially like to thank jean brownhill lauer for opening my eyes to sweet10. it is the prime place to design, post, bid and share your remodeling projects in an open transparent marketplace!

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  1. That is a WOW transformation! And a genius application for a website! I hope it spreads beyond Brooklyn!



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