Friday, February 26, 2010

pb elemental design

in the past i’ve mentioned that i’m a huge fan of seattle. well, my love for the city has recently skyrocketed…i’ve discovered the innovative seattle based architectural firm, pb elemental. chris pardo and david biddle founded pb elemental in the fall of 2004; since then they’ve been breaking ground, strengthening the community, and broadening the design horizon.
today’s renovated leschi neighborhood home is a prime example of their clean, modern aesthetic. the original house was a rundown mess lacking garage space, a connection to lake washington, and modern details. the pb elemental team remedied that by adding a 448 square foot garage, a new stucco and corten steel exterior, and a profile featuring breathtaking lake views. seattle is a better place thanks to the pb elemental team!

i would especially like to thank chris camarda at pb elemental for submitting this jaw dropping renovation. the photos were shot by the talented ryan stephenson.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

darling octopus decor!

way back in august i shared my love for the etsy shop, darling octopus décor. headed by designer karen guard, darling octopus is the poster child for sensational furniture transformations. karen thrives on discovering unloved furniture pieces and revitalizing them with dazzling paint colors, modern fabrics and paper details. since august i’ve made some design changes on raenovate and karen has been a before + after rock-star thus warranting darling octopus décor another feature. feast your eyes on her recently refurbished jewelry box, children’s table and chairs, and rocking chair (they all happen to be for sale in her etsy shop too!).

i’d once again like to thank karen guard of darling octopus décor for sending me projects from her richmond, virginia home.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

lure salon

i am an olympics junkie; nbc is constantly streaming on my television and i can’t stop checking my olympics iphone app. the winter games have not only transformed me into a patriotic beast, but a lover of british columbia. i need to vacation there immediately and while i’m there my first stop will be lure. my favorite BC firm, box interior design recently revitalized the vancouver salon. dan nguyen and linda refosco scooped up a failed parlor and then sought the help of box to create their stunning premiere beauty space. since opening in 2007 they have had the honor of working with top fashion models, photographers, and a-list celebrities including avril lavigne, sarah mclachlan, kirsten dunst, dane cook, anne heche, and andy samberg. british columbia here i come; i’m ready for my cut and color!

i'd once again like to thank h. jay brooks, principal at box interior design for sending me projects from his vancouver, bc firm!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

eclectic modern tudor

strap in folks, because you’re about to go on the renovation ride of your lives! the cambridge, massachusetts firm, LDa architecture & interiors recently revitalized a dark and dilapidated tudor home in a boston suburb with a large addition, interior renovations, and a fresh new color scheme. the LDa team approaches additions to historic homes with the idea ‘compliment to counterpoint’. their line of attack on this suburban beauty was to enlarge the home using the same vocabulary and materials in a seamless design. the addition included the large eat-in kitchen, family room, and master suite, while the traditional leaded windows, stair rails, and paneled walls were all meticulously restored. with eclectic furnishings and loads of refreshing landscaping the property shines!

i would especially like to thank ms. amanda hanley at LDa architecture & interiors for submitting this awe-inspiring renovation. the after photos were shot by the accomplished photographer, eric roth and the interiors were styled by ms. lindsay bentis of thread art and design.

Monday, February 22, 2010

i just can't get enough

randy weinstein is on fire! since founding randy weinstein design in 2002, he's created numerous before + after transformations, consisting of so many winners i can't blog about them fast enough. today's star renovation is located in the los angeles district of los feliz. weinstein's full range of services is beautifully displayed in this redesign. he's adapted the home's exterior, interior, and landscape, ridding the property of its dated fixtures, faux paint, and overgrown ivy. my absolute favorite details include the large kitchen window, the bedroom pendant, the bathroom floors, and well, the entire exterior. be sure to tune in for more randy weinstein design becauase his transformations are unstoppable and i just can't get enough.

i'd once again like to thank randy for sending me projects from his venice, california firm. his new and improved website is up and fantastic.

Friday, February 19, 2010

applemore college cafeteria

i'm seriously craving cafeteria food thanks to my favorite british firm, shh. they've created the cafeteria of every middle schooler's dreams. located in southampton, the secondary school, applemore technology college, was in dire need of a makeover. their luncheon area consisted of a set of knocked-together spaces within a separated single-story building. it lacked cohesiveness and atmosphere and was very unpopular with the pupils, until the shh dream team stepped in and whipped the space into shape. the new 4,000 square foot interior has a relaxed cafeteria feel with zoned areas, some formal and some with looser low seating. inspired by nature, the materials have a natural pattern or natural color element. i totally want to take a trip down memory lane and feast on tater tots in this awesome space!

i would once again like to thank ms. melissa hillier at shh for providing me with the photos and press release of this southampton transformation.