Monday, August 22, 2011

notting hill flat

when i studied abroad in london i walked the streets, staring adoringly at the architecture of the city's quaint residences, wishing i had x-ray vision so that i could see inside of them. lotta cole has just virtually given us an inside look at her recent notting hill interior transformation, finally granting my london x-ray vision wish.
nestled in london's quirkiest neighborhood, the dated flat didn't flow AND it boasted a vegetable themed kitchen. lotta cole changed all of that. her design scheme mixes bright splashes of color and reclaimed materials. she also interjected eccentric detailing throughout, such as the antique spoon handles in the kitchen, connecting the interior with the neighborhood's exterior. it's so very notting hill.

i would especially like to thank lotta cole of lotta cole design for sharing her transformations on raenovate. cole designs from her studio in notting hill while hailing from sweden.


  1. The kitchen is the biggest transformation in my book -- the whole place when from being very country to sophisticated. Ah, I would so love a flat somewhere in London.

  2. Oh that lime green fridge and antique spoon handles! Love, love, love! The countertop is gorgeous as well...the only missing feature is Hugh Grant.

  3. Wow, what lovely pictures....and a great post, I liked it thanks for sharing.

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