Friday, August 5, 2011

toronto showstopper!

meet kirsten marshall and allison granovsky, principals of palmerston design consultants, and canada's interior design dream team. since 2003 they've been working together to create warm, inviting interiors and their latest endeavor is quite possibly their best yet. located in the heart of toronto, the residence is home to allison and her family. drawn to the dwelling for its out of this world architectural details and moldings, the palmerston girls chose to highlight them in a whole new light. by painting out all of the wooden moldings and staining the floors dark, a new modern aesthetic was created. another dramatic game changer was opening up the kitchen to the living room. with the help of their builder, grand homes, they tore down the wall previously separating the two spaces. the new ikea kitchen is playfully juxtaposed against the architecture's traditional character. do you think the granovsky's have room for one more? i want in!

[sources: interior design by kirsten marshall and allison granovsky of palmerston design consultants, after photography captured by jeremy kohm, construction performed by grand homes, custom kitchen chandelier created by castor design, modular sofa by nienkamper, kitchen by ikea, and dining room newspaper painting created by jason halter of wonder inc.]


  1. Truly an amazing transformation! And to think that people always hesitate to paint out that dark wood. Also amazing how the white walls really allow the detail in the windows to stand out.
    Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  2. Fabulous! The perfect marriage between old tradition and contemporary style. We love it!! Jeff & Lindsay Bigioni

  3. It really is amazing what white paint can do. It looks great!

  4. so amazing what a little paint can do! and that kitchen is amazing.

  5. It really is amazing transformation. It looks great and the kitchen is amazing. I love it. Thanks for sharing.


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