Monday, January 31, 2011

the wills company bathroom

besides being the most luxurious bathroom makeover of all time, today's transformation is special because of the way it was submitted to raenovate, by the lead project designer's wife! i'm a sucker for any gal who pimps out her husband's skills, probably because i am one. so what if i wear my trg home concepts t-shirt everyday!
i couldn't be happier that betsy wills emailed me on behalf of her husband ridley's business, the wills company. located in nashville tennessee, the design/build firm is known for their energy, expert craftsmanship, and depth of experience, and it shows. the original master bathroom was chopped up and lacking flow. by reconfiguring the suite's layout and specifying a cohesive material palette, it shines. i feel as if i could enter the bath looking like myself, get pampered, and exit appearing as if i was ready for the academy awards' red carpet. the lavatory is that good!

i would especially like to thank betsy wills and aris yowell of the wills company, inc. for submitting projects on behalf of their nashville design/build firm.

Friday, January 28, 2011

belle meade residence

when samantha baker of beckwith interiors sent me a preview of today’s featured transformation inquiring if i would be interested in posting it, i literally wrote back, “hot damn, i love this project!”; and boy do i ever. located in the heart of belle meade in nashville, tennessee, the uber traditional residence was in need of a make-under for it’s twenty-something year old homeowners. no one was denying that the existing kitchen and sitting room were beautiful, they simply didn’t reflect the residents’ vivacious lifestyle. by merely painting most everything white, a drastic modernization occurred. additional punches of color, contemporary light fixtures, and funky accessories also brighten up the space. the silver leafed ceiling and the intricate patterned wood floor from the jamie beckwith collection in the sitting room don’t hurt either.

i would especially like to thank samantha baker of beckwith interiors for sharing this nashville transformation with us! the gorg after photos were captured by bill lafevor of lafevor architectural photography.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

pacific heights apartment

jennifer jones of niche interiors always creates residences that make me swoon, but today she has me wanting to pack my bags and book a flight to san francisco. i like to think that jen created this quaint one-bedroom apartment located in pacific heights for me, and after she reads this post she’ll be all, “come pick up your keys, rachel, it’s all yours”. unfortunately i’m guessing her client won’t condone that, and after reading this will warn her neighbors about me, her apartment stalker.
when jen’s lucky duck of a client first moved in, there were some questionable carpet stains and depressing white walls, but this was nothing that some sumptuous paint colors and hidden hardwood flooring couldn’t fix. by reworking the furniture layout and converting a clumsy closet into an office, the space opened up. patterned fabrics, funky accessories and pops of color all join hands to create my dream apartment (eh, i mean jen’s client’s dream apartment).

i'd once again like to thank jennifer jones for sending me before and after photos courtesy of niche interiors!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

museum tower pied-e-terre

as a child i had the great fortune of being able to easily spend time in the big apple (see there are huge perks of being a new jersey resident), and what i remember most of our weekend escapades to manhattan is staring longingly at its residences, dreaming about what they looked like inside. today i’m delighted to reveal that interior designer kristen rivoli has created the exact dwelling my 12 year old, architectural digest loving self always envisioned.
located in cesar pelli’s museum tower, neighboring the museum of modern art, the 1980s residence was in desperate need of a refresh. home to a hardworking mother and her three chicklets, rivoli strived to create a pied-a-terre that accommodated their hectic lifestyle while paying homage to their artsy neighbor. comprised of family heirlooms, found vintage pieces, and stunners from MoMA’s collection, kristen rivoli interior design created the ideal manhattan family home while simultaneously writing a love letter to new york city.

i would especially like to thank charisse marchesi of kristen rivoli interior design for submitting projects from their winchester, massachusetts firm. the stunning after photos were shot by the accomplished photographer, greg premru.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

san carlos kitchen

it's no secret that i stalk the san francisco interior design firm amoroso design. they always take before photos, and their stunning afters constantly make my jaw drop. today’s san carlos kitchen transformation is no exception.
i love a predominately white kitchen, the crisp color palette tricks my mind and belly into thinking that the food is fresher…moldy berries suddenly taste like brandi bernoskie’s cranberry buckle. and amoroso did what she does best, merged east coast architecture with west coast sensibilities. her new england crown molding and california open floor plan make sweet sweet kitchen loving, while providing the ideal space for entertaining, gathering, and digging in.

i would once again like to thank ms. abby stopper for submitting amoroso design’s stunning projects. the after photos were shot by the accomplished steph dewey.