Wednesday, November 30, 2011

rethinking with spaces designed!

it’s been forever and a day since we’ve featured a rethink post. so when komal sheth my go to austin interior designer sent along a recent project without before photos, she got me rethinking. it’s the holiday season, who doesn’t love furniture and accessory recommendations?
the focus for today’s product inspiring home was to honor its minimalistic steel and metal structure while making it warm and inviting with rich colors and textures. komal sheth and her team at spaces designed did just that! the living room is bursting with bright accessories and lush upholstery; as is the rest of this modern family’s home which you can view after the jump! as always i’d like to thank komal sheth of spaces designed for sending her inspiration packing projects our way!

[left to right: french bedroom company wonderland blue velvet armchair, naked d├ęcor doxie silhouette pillow, the modern fan co plum fan, menu rubber vase in pink, bungalow 5 ceylon lamp, and helena floor lamp]

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

decatur kitchen renovation

i’m so glad that i discovered terracotta properties before we renovate our kitchen. they continue to create boat loads of inspirational kitchens, the likes of which are going to come in handy when we break ground and redo our crappy looking one. whether the cookery terracotta constructs is on the traditional side or dances the modern dance (like today’s space) it’s guaranteed to be chock full of innovation and style. every specification they make is spot on, from the materials, color, layout, and appliances. i’m particularly fond of the lighting and open shelving in today’s featured decatur georgia renovation. our own terracotta properties-like-kitchen cannot come soon enough (but it may have to, so keep the inspiration coming)!

i’d once again like to thank luly melarti of terracotta properties for taking the time to send me photos of their atlanta redesigns. for more inspiration you can follow terracotta’s website, twitter feed and facebook page.

Monday, November 28, 2011

our guest room!

while this is the official internet unveiling of our guest room renovation, it's already had its inaugural guest debut, hosting my parents for thanksgiving! like in the rest of our home we strived to create a space that was both craftsman and modern while taking full advantage of tyler's carpentry skills (trg home concepts in the house!). after researching historical mouldings, we outfitted the space with custom wainscoting, an innovative double doorway and crown. we also installed new maple hardwood flooring and ran electric for a ceiling light. the completion of this room now marks the fourth redone space in our house, and with each one i fall more and more in love with our little home.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

thanksgiving in boise

it’s turkey time tomorrow and tyler and i are hosting our first thanksgiving as husband and wife. as much as we love our little bungalow we haven’t redone the kitchen yet, so its function greatly outweighs its form, unlike today’s masterpiece of a cookery which is brimming with both. located in the foothills of boise idaho, the team at strite design + remodel had their hands full with this renovation. the before space was once filled with multiple ceiling heights, random columns, and two floor levels. the after boasts an expansive open floor plan thanks to a new steel support beam. it’s now the ultimate thanksgiving kitchen. any island that has built-in bench seating is looking to host a family and friends feast! happy thanksgiving!

i would especially like to thank michael snow of strite design + remodel for granting me the permission to borrow photos from their rockin’ blog, strite.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

upstate NY kitchen

preparing thanksgiving dinner would not have been possible in today’s before kitchen, unless the keebler elves were in charge of dessert. located in upstate NY, the quaint farmhouse was oozing with charm but lacking a very important detail, a ceiling over the height of 6 feet. interior designer, sisse jonassen was able to re-imagine the cookery and layout a new space with a modified cathedral ceiling. she also specified new appliances and added a window and a door leading to the patio while the original hardwood floors remain, and painted in a custom dove gray. now i can’t imagine a cozier kitchen to cook up a traditional turkey dinner, heavy on the memories.

i’d especially like to thank sisse jonassen, the founding member of SJ interior designs, for taking the time to send me photos of her upstate redesign. the beautiful after photos were captured by emily gilbert photography.

Friday, November 18, 2011

sampley redoes stenger

today i’m adding stuart sampley to the list of designers i love in austin texas. sampley is joining the likes of laura britt, kevin alter, david webber, komal sheth, and merilee mcghee in their effort to beautify austin, one home at a time. his latest endeavor involved making over a classic a.d. stenger home, which at one time even acted as stenger’s own residence. unfortunately the modern home had been neglected for years, experiencing overgrowth and ill-advised modifications. sampley changed all of that, bringing the home back to its roots. by reorganizing the interior spaces and pushing the enlarged formal living and dining spaces to the front of the home, he’s created a large communal area. the beautiful dwelling now houses a happy family of five while paying homage to the great a.d. stenger and showcasing stuart sampley’s designs.

here's a huge thank you to stuart sampley, architect for submitting transformations from his austin firm. the spot-on construction was performed by general contractor, miars construction, the interior design by little pond design and the after photos by atelier wong.