Monday, October 8, 2012

install day!

as a designer, client install days feel a bit like christmas. you're excited to see everything you've painstakingly dreamed up finally come together, things will undoubtedly take longer than anticipated, and some form of drama will most likely ensue. BUT at the end of the day as you survey all that you've done you can't help but know that it was all worth it. i had one of those days last friday. for months i've been working on beautifying a suburban philadelphia home, and friday's install was all about adding fabric to the master bedroom. even with cruddy iphone after photos it's easy to see what a difference drapes and bedding make. please excuse the lack of styling, eventually i will have the residence professionally photographed! 

for product sourcing see my suburban philadelphia home pinboard!


  1. Interesting headboard and I like your recent post at Houzz on balusters.

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