Wednesday, October 31, 2012

splice design kitchen transformation

hurricane sandy was kind to my family, however she wrecked havoc to much of my great state of new jersey. days pent up indoors weathering the storm allowed for self reflection, many hours logged at the computer, and the more than occasional cuddle session. included in that computer time was the receipt of today's gem of a transformation. dawn bennett of splice design recently reconfigured this family kitchen; opening it up, expanding its island, and showcasing its windows. she also added loads of cabinetry to the west wall allowing for the north wall to be free of upper-cabinets. it's now every open floor-plan lovers' dream kitchen!

i would especially like to thank dawn bennett of splice design for submitting redesigns from her atlanta firm. the after photos were taken by the talented sara hanna photography.

Monday, October 29, 2012

marin home renovation

as my lack of posts suggest, i've been a busy bee, almost as busy as alison davin of jute! raenovate favorite, davin, has once again worked her magic and created a breathtaking home in the north san francisco bay area. the fixer upper received a head to toe makeover including new cabinetry, flooring, doors and windows. davin created a graphic, modern feel with patterned window treatments, nickel and steel accents, and a blue, teal, and white color palette. the tired interior is now a cohesive wonderland filled to the brim with built-in custom touches!

the lovely alison davin of jute provided the goods for today’s makeover!

Monday, October 8, 2012

install day!

as a designer, client install days feel a bit like christmas. you're excited to see everything you've painstakingly dreamed up finally come together, things will undoubtedly take longer than anticipated, and some form of drama will most likely ensue. BUT at the end of the day as you survey all that you've done you can't help but know that it was all worth it. i had one of those days last friday. for months i've been working on beautifying a suburban philadelphia home, and friday's install was all about adding fabric to the master bedroom. even with cruddy iphone after photos it's easy to see what a difference drapes and bedding make. please excuse the lack of styling, eventually i will have the residence professionally photographed! 

for product sourcing see my suburban philadelphia home pinboard!