Friday, January 11, 2013

our christmas card!

it appears as if i entirely missed the month of december on raenovate and the holiday season can be blamed for my lack of posting.  more specifically my elf like hobbies and love for christmas snail-mail. this year i was especially busy with our holiday cards. in november, i asked my wildly talented friend marissa huber if she would be interested in a creating a watercolor portrait of our home. she enthusiastically obliged and our christmas card was born. i sent her two photos of the front of our house (one from last christmas and one from this fall after we painted the shutters and foundation) and marissa did the rest. i then had her original artwork scanned and printed onto cards at taws can do in philadelphia. paired with envelopes in red from paper source, vintage christmas stamps, and handwritten letters, i can honestly say that i've never been prouder of a christmas card!

to read more about marrisa's card creating experience visit her blog and watercolor etsy shop!


  1. Awww, thanks for the shout out! xo, Mariss

  2. I absolutely LOVED your Christmas card! Please excuse me for not saying that earlier. It is now displayed proudly on my fireplace hearth! I heart you.

  3. Love the new card! Its so cute!

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